good, but...

Reviewed by Todd from Deep South on Thursday, May 23, 2013
This is a versatile lamp with a spotlight LED and a diffuse set of 3 LEDs. You switch between the 2 by holding down the power switch for about a second. As mentioned in a previous review this is NOT a waterproof lamp. There is NO gasket on the battery hatch, you can see the batt connecters through the gap. Is this a great around-the-house, car-camping or fair weather hiking lamp? YES, probably the best. Would I use it on a backcountry hike or as a piece of emergency equipment, NO. Princetontec makes good stuff, almost all if not all of it in the USA. I have this lamp, the fuel and the EOS (waterproof to 3' depth) of their current offerings. I have had the aurora and Yukon as well as some of their squeeze lights in the past (~12yrs now).
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