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Reviewed by bd from Colorado on Tuesday, November 22, 2016
As far as fit and quality construction of the Red Ledge Rain Jacket, it is definitely "5 stars". The 1 star rating is because I believe the chemicals the jackets are treated with are at above average unhealthy levels. I say above average because to be clear the waterproof coatings used on most outdoor products are toxic to some degree. I am a very healthy person, never really get sick, never have reactions to things like i.e.: clothing, food, environmental stuff etc... But I did react to this jacket. Thinking I was a bit crazy and this must not be happening, I tested it over a couple days wearing it around the house for a few minutes, then putting it away for several hours and heading outside for fresh air and to clear my system. I found that every time I put the jacket on ( could only take it for about 5 minutes) I would get a bit dizzy, headachy, and my breathing got a bit weezy in my upper chest and a scratchy throat. So even with the ridiculously low price I paid I thought it prudent to listen to what my body was obviously telling me and returned the jacket. I find it interesting that there are no other complaints on the internet ( google search etc...) about possible reactions to the product. though there are a few items about unsafe chemicals in general that are used for outdoor clothing. Anyway... take my experience for what you will, I thought it a good idea to put some info out there.
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