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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Gary from California on Monday, March 16, 2015
    Works well, easy to use. Great value for the price.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Phil from Ottawa, ON, Canada on Tuesday, January 13, 2015
    It's good enough, but I/we have very specific needs: laser rangefinding, vertical distances, at night.

    I bought this one because I believed it didn't try and do anything smart to calculate true horizontal distance. The manual suggests that it will calculate a true horizontal distance (i.e. if you are pointing it downhill it will work out the horizontal component - presumably by asking your old Mathematics teacher, Mr Pythagoras). I guess this true horizontal distance is a shooting thing?! Fortunately the true horizontal distance calculations (if performed at all) won't make a 250ft vertical measurement give a reading of 0ft. This is a relief.

    The measurements seem to be in the right ballpark for my local antenna but I don't have an exact distance to benchmark - but I trust the science.

    The target distance can be constantly updated when you hold the targeting button, this is nice. I think it updates about once per second in this mode.

    The eyepiece has the eye-sight correction knob.

    There are crosshairs in the viewfinder so you know the actual point that is being lasered. I haven't confirmed that this is the exact spot that the laser uses though, but I'm sure it's right.

    *However: the target information displayed in the viewfinder is done with black LCD (like your old Casio watch), which sucks at nighttime. But you can laser your target and then point the view towards a light source (like your Casio watch with a backlight, or the Moon) and still read the result from your previous measurement.

    It powers off automatically, so no fiddling with a power button or worrying about it being on accidentally. It doesn't emit any light or sounds.

    Reading is in yards, but I've been practising my 3-times-table to get it into feet.
  • Reviewed by Hcore hunter from Pennsylvania on Tuesday, December 2, 2014
    This is the first rangefinder I have owned so I don't know how it compares to others, but for the price I paid it works like it promises it will. I have never ranged a soft target, but while sitting in my stand I have ranged trees, grass, and snow out to about 550 yards and down to 5 yards. This evening while out hunting it was sleeting and foggy and I was still getting readings on snow and trees out to 500 yards which is pretty impressive for a rangefinder of that price range. It's only weakness is that it doesn't shoot through brush or trees very well. If there are tree branches about 50 yards or farther between me and the target it wants to read the the trees instead of the target. I don't know that might be normal too. I haven't compared it to another rangefinder to know if the readings are accurate but as far as I can tell they are accurate and consistent. definitely worth the price
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