Headquartered in Waterbury, Vermont, just 30 minutes from Sugarbush, Rome is a snowboard company owned and operated by dedicated riders. The folks who design, build and test Rome snowboards frequently hit the slopes when the lifts open, just so they can get in a few runs before heading to work. Some ride more than 60 days a year. Whether you gravitate toward the backcountry, hang out in the terrain park or carve the whole mountain, Rome bindings, boots and boards are engineered for exceptional performance. Grab a great deal on a new Rome snowboard, and take it to the next level this season.
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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Uly from Los Angeles on Tuesday, February 9, 2016
    The boots are great, but run very small. I normally wear a size 11, so I ordered up, to an 11.5, but they were still small. I had to remove the foam insoles and my toes still rubbed against the front inside tips of the boots; very uncomfortable! I will exchange for a size 12.
  • Reviewed by A in Boston from Boston on Saturday, February 6, 2016
    I wasn't completely sold on BOA's until I tried some on in store. I bought these as I was transitioning into buying all my own snowboarding gear rather than renting. These boots are great especially because they have the dual spots to tighten! They are easy to use, they didn't hurt me or give me blisters or pressure spots the first day on the mountain. I love these boots and are so happy i got them at such a awesome price!
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by GP the Snowboarder from New Hyde Park, NY on Tuesday, January 6, 2015
    If you want metal bindings that work well on just about any board, it is between ROME and RIDE. These are awesome because they are metal, tough, strong, really cool looking, and SIMPLE. Honestly, if you can successfully make anything from IKEA you can customize these bindings like no other. All you need is a phillips head screw driver and a little patience. The toe strap is the only thing on this binding I have a little beef with. They should have made it with stretchy urethane like on the Boss editions. But in the end, any proper boarder will tell you that the truth is a toe strap is more of a mental aid than a physical one because physics does not allow for the toe strap to be instrumental in the control of the board.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by GP the Snowboarder from New Hyde Park, NY on Tuesday, January 6, 2015
    This board truly is the best combo of rocker and camber. The idea behind spooned tips and tails is not new but the execution of it in this board is the most radical and forward thinking of any other. My only advice to you on this board is that don't get lazy, if you keep your knees bent and legs ready, this board responds with smooth fury and helps you charge down the mountain.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Squirreldog from Southern California on Monday, December 22, 2014
    Took this board up to the local mountains right after a fresh dumping of snow. I was surprised how easy it was to maneuver an turn on the groomed runs. The concave rockers made it incredibly easy to keep my speed up on the flat sections at the top of the mountain, going from mountain peak to mountain peek. I used to find myself working hard to keep up my speed on those flat areas with my other boards. This board made it a breeze. This board is so light it was easy to to get thru the fresh powder also. Just lean back an hold on, the board keeps you floating on top of the fluff.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by cho from DE on Tuesday, November 25, 2014
    good snowboard
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by mikeeee from alberta on Monday, November 10, 2014
    Great stuff!!! Nice equipment and awsome deal
  • Reviewed by GP the Snowboarder from New York on Monday, October 13, 2014
    Honestly, this board is so technical that covering it's shape and response characteristics from a physical standpoint would leave you with a head ache. The truth of the matter is that this board at the end of the day manages to butter like a flat or rocker-ed board but carves and pops like a camber board. I have one of these in a 161 and i paired it with ride capo bindings and could not be more pleased. Honestly, all you have to do is turn your head or point your front shoulder where you want to do and this board will do it!
  • Reviewed by Little Cottonwood from Salt Lake City. UT on Monday, February 17, 2014
    5'8" 215lbs -- 160cm Rome Reverb board, Ride Revolt bindings, +15/-15 regular stance, Burton Rover mid-flex boots.

    The setup above is exactly what my heavy frame needed for those days when I just want to charge. I ride Snowbird, UT almost daily and the conditions this year have been extremely variable. I have a 155 Arbor Formula (rocker) that kept washing out charging hard-pack but works great in deep pow with playful lines. I also have a 158 Capita Defenders of Awesome (rocker/camber hybrid) that loves chunder and moguls at speed, but is slightly undersized when I'm at full blast. The Rome fills the niche that my other two boards don't, but can accommodate any condition with a little work. A great over-all performer with a ton of pop, Rome makes a great looking traditional camber board at a great price, but doesn't sacrifice quality in the least -- sintered base, glossy top sheet, nice inlay details -- this board looks super nice with a fresh coat of wax.
  • Reviewed by Doug G. from OHIO on Thursday, February 13, 2014
    1. This board is flat with no camber despite Rome advertising as their stay positive camber board
    2. Did Rome think us old riders (40 yoa) like me don't know what camber looks like or rides like....
    3. somewhat disappointed......why cant I find a traditional camber board with flex for big air with a 4 hole pattern......most companies are listing traditional camber when they end up having funky side rail anti-edge catching tech).....no thanks
    4. Just because I love camber boards does not mean I want to be the tool in hard boots doing only carves all day long and nothing else
    5. Still love sierra trading post......Nothings ever gonna keep you down, you're the best around....sorry, saw Johnny the hiker example and thought of Johnny from the Karate Kid (1980's version).
    6. If you're not buying this board because you think its camber......no worries, you new schoolers will love this
    7. Rome kicked butt on the graphics......at 40 years old I want my board to look like a Lexus with mature colors and clean lines........not a 13 year olds locker with pink and green artistic flare
    . PS-totally keeping this board......amazing powder board but not an all mountain camber board
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