Weird Laces

Reviewed by Wind River Rover from VA on Friday, November 4, 2016
Just received these as a replacement for a different shoe I returned. Shoes themselves fit fine, are comfortable, and seem well made. However, the idiot who designed the lacing system deserves public ridicule. First, in spite of the padding in the tongue, narrow string-type laces do not distribute force over the tongue as effectively as a lace with a width dimension. Second, I doubt the plastic slide-lock clip is very robust in design or construction. Coupled with the small diameter round laces, I wouldn't expect it to keep tension very well or very long. Third, what do you do with the excess lace beyond the clip? Tag shows you somehow stuff the excess under a flap on the tongue. Mind you, that's held down by the top lace, pulled tight when worn. So how are you supposed to stuff 5-6" of excess up under that flap? I'll keep the shoes, but will buy conventional laces.