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Professional guides the world over trust Simms fishing gear on the water and off to deliver the technical performance, durability and features for which the name Simms fishing is justly famed. Simms fishing products are dedicated to the hardcore angler, and offer top quality foul-weather designs, ultra-function fishing vests and accessories, neoprene and waterproof breathable waders for all seasons, wading boots and a variety of fishing packs. Simms fishing gear includes wading boots that are available in a variety of upper designs and outsole options to fit the environments you fish. Felt so ... Learn more about Simmsles, Aquastealth® soles, as well as the latest Vibram® rubber soles and boots featuring CleanStream® technology that help reduce the proliferation of invasive aquatic species. Simms fishing waders are available in a wide variety of designs and materials and allow you to customize your equipment to the conditions you find. Take a tip from the river guides and wear the clothing made for anglers who respect and demand the best – Simms fishing gear. ... Less