“ Nosze buty 38 w Polsce. Nie wiem jaki to jest u Was rozmiar i jaki mam zamówic?”

Asked by Bernadeta Kujaczynska from Poland on 1/29/2014 4:04:54 AM
  • Here is a reference chart for you to check: size 38 in Poland is a size 6 in the US. http://www.gopoland.com/practical/size.shtml

    These are great boots, I live in an area that is extremely cold in the winter with lots of snow and I wear my sorels every day. They keep my feet warm and dry.
    Answered on 1/29/2014 7:11:41 AM by Yellowstonemomma from Northern Wyoming
  • wielkosc zamówienia 7.5
    Answered on 1/29/2014 8:04:29 AM by Urban Hippie Buddhist from Indy
  • I am not sure what you are asking but I think it is sizing. I am a US 8.5 in dress shoes and I wear a 39 in Born shoes. I purchased a size 8 in this shoe and they fit perfect.
    Answered on 1/29/2014 6:25:25 PM by McHillberry from Frisco, TX