Great gloves (perhaps a tad overdesigned for me)

Reviewed by rhodie (snowboarding) from RI on Monday, April 8, 2013
These gloves have all the bells and whistles - even a couple I would do without! First the important stuff - well made, warm, stayed dry on a rainy day like only gore-tek can in my book. Gloves seem tough but they are still new so we'll see. As for those bells and whistles, there are zipped pockets which I am told are for placing those heat pack thingies which I never use. Second there is the touch screen sensitive leather which works but again I don't use my smartphone a whole lot while wearing gloves (or at all!). There are little plastic squeegy thingys built into one of the thumbs which at first I thought was ridiculous but in practice on a rainy or snowy day was great!

This brings me to what I liked the least. Too many straps/cinches! There are wrist straps and those I can also do without though once you get used to them are somewhat handy versus holding your gloves. Then there is a sleeve cinch and also a wrist cinch. The wrist cinch is what I really could do without as it has a buckle and adds a little bulk to the glove. Some folks might prefer that to sleeve cinch. BTW- by cinch I mean strap that tightens.

Overall great gloves for the price.
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