Research and technical innovation are the hallmarks of Spyder ski wear. Back in the 50's and 60's, Spyder founder David Jacobs rose up from obscurity as a skiing hero in Canada and in 1978 began making skiing and snow gear out of his kitchen. One of his early products was a navy blue racing pant with yellow striped pads that the racers dubbed spider pants. And so it was that a new brand name in snow gear was born... Spyder. When Olympic winners wearing Spyder ski wear became commonplace in the 90's, Spyder's r ... Learn more about Spydereputation really took off. In 1994 Spyder was granted a patent on SpeedWyre, a revolutionary new fabric that reduced wind drag by 20%. It was so successful that it was banned from future ski competition. Woven into the fabric of today’s free-ski movement, Spyder is spinning off "Venom", its latest introduction to the snow gear universe. Spyder ski wear looks to capture the free-ski market in the near term, and cross the finish line a winner! ... Less
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