Suncloud Cookie Sunglasses- rose

Reviewed by Bargain Brain from Texas on Saturday, March 16, 2013
I had been researching precision tinted lenses for migraine when I stumbled onto these. I wanted to see if rose colored lenses (blocking out blue and green tones) really do feel better to my poor aching head. Yes! They do! And what's better, they are polarized so they reduce glare even more. For the price, you can't beat them. So, I bought a pair for my mother and aunt too, also migraine sufferers. They may not be exactly what you get from official migraine glasses, and by the time they fine tune the technology, maybe I'll have saved up enough pennies.

I even took these to the movie theatre and put these on during previews, a lightning storm in the movie (lights flashing are a major trigger) and they helped. I could still enjoy the movie without have to cover my face during those times and had no migraine triggered. The only down side to polarization is that I couldn't just leave them on my face the whole movie. The polarization made the screen edges slightly flicker. I plan to look for a non polarized version for the theatre.

By the way, these sunglasses have the clearest lenses of any I've ever owned, are comfortable and wrap around enough for decent driving periferal vision. They are dark, but because of the quality and polarization, vision is crisp even when the sun is not its brightest. Highly recommend!
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