Question “Does it have an inside chest pocket?”

Asked on 11/14/2016 9:21:09 PM by cbotto from Colorado
  • Answer It has a nylon pocket that is very deep on both insides of the front panel, opposite the hand pockets on the outside but much bigger on the inside. You would slide something down from above, it's deep and the entry is higher up, like by the sternum.
    Answered on 11/14/2016 10:59:49 PM by Sitabai from California
  • Answer The jacket has two "Pockets" on the inside, one on each side. It isn't a zippered pocket, but two areas that would allow you to place items. It is not up by the armpit, but further down from about the bottom of your ribs to end of jacket. I hope this helps.
    Answered on 11/15/2016 4:45:17 AM by Dee from NC
  • Answer NO it does not have a inside chest pocket. There is, however, a inside side pocket on the other side of the outside pockets, but it has no zippers.
    Answered on 11/15/2016 8:35:46 AM by Fine from Pgh
  • Answer It has two big inside long pockets
    Answered on 11/15/2016 4:09:01 PM by Sugarrunjeep from Sugar run pa
  • Answer No inside chest pocket!
    The inside pocket (2) inline with the outside zipper pockets.
    Answered on 11/18/2016 9:25:19 PM by Jewels in the Burbs from Chicagoland