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Closeouts. Built to provide unrivaled warmth and on-mattress stability, Therm-A-Rest NeoAir EXP air mattress has a reflective barrier system that retains body heat in a lightweight design.

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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Katydid from Pennsylvania on Monday, April 14, 2014
    I have not been backpacking with this as yet. Pros so far: extremely comfortable, not too much crinkly sound, packs very small, great price. Cons: takes 35 or more breaths to fill with several rests, R factor of 2, weight is 1lb.4oz. I am trading the weight of my Ridgerest (12oz) for 8oz. more in my pack. Yikes! I hope it is worth it.
  • Reviewed by Outdoor Annie from Texas on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
    This is the year of "lightening the load" in our family. We love camping. The packing, unpacking, and lugging stuff to and from camp - not so much.

    I ordered these pads for my kids (preteen and teen). The pads are sturdy, and pack down into a wonderful light weight roll that can be carried with just one finger by the loop on the included stuff sack. They are surprisingly comfortable, in large part, I think, because of the narrow horizontal baffles.

    Our Thermarest self-inflating pads were great, but compared to the NeoAir system they are heavy and bulky and, in my opinion, less comfortable.

    WIDTH. This pad is only 20 inches wide. If you're past your late 30s, you probably want more room. I purchased a 30 inch wide NeoAir for myself.

    HACK. For less than $10, this pad can be made even more cushy by throwing a piece of foam over the top, like egg crate foam, or any other foam you want. That's what the NeoAir Dream is - an air mattress topped by 1 inch of foam.

    With the extra discount, the pad was less than half the cost of the comparable NeoAir sold elsewhere. That, coupled with the reduction in weight and bulk it brings to our camping earns it 5 stars.

  • Reviewed by gman80918 from Colorado on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
    Saw and this pad when it was new and picked one up for my son. comes with the storage/stuff sack. the pad is lightweight and comfortable and is Therm-A-Rest quality!
  • Reviewed by Camping Dad from Kentucky on Tuesday, March 18, 2014
    Have only tried this out inside for a night so I cannot speak to durability, but it appears as sturdy as my other air mats of similar type. It is my first
    mat with horizontal baffles and I have to say they feel much more supportive than the long vertical ones in my other pads. The only downside is that it is more narrow than my BA Aircore. Not by much, but enough to notice when lying on my back or stomach. Even my wife, who is petite, noticed the difference. But we are both mostly side sleepers so I am keeping this one to try on future trips and will let my 8 year old have it if it is too small.
  • Reviewed by Wayne C. from New York, NY on Saturday, March 15, 2014
    As someone who was in the market for a new pad, but at the same time don't want to pay an arm and leg for one, I decided to take my chances with this pad. Before this, I was using a Klymit Static V and while it was fine for some people to sleep on, when I wake up using that pad, my back would feel sore and achy. The V design of the Static V doesn't work for everyone and because of that I turned to this pad. Therm-A-Rest NeoAir pads have received their fair share of praise over the years and when I tested it I saw why...

    Pros: Comfort, I slept on my back and sides and felt great. Biggest pro of all, I woke up energized and no back soreness. The pad also packs fairly small and light.

    Cons: Noisy, it sounds like wax paper. Blowing it up took me about 36 breaths to get it filled. My Klymit Static V would be filled in give or take 15-20 breaths. The width. Again comparing to the Static V which is 23" wide, the NeoAir is only 20". Would've liked the bigger area to lay on, but after testing it for a night, the 20" width of the NeoAir wasn't that bad.

    There wasn't much information at the time of my purchase, except for a couple of reviews. Glad I took the chance on this pad. Also, the stuff sack is inside hidden in the pad. When I opened the package I was wondering where the heck was the stuff sack, it was until I completely laid the pad out the stuff sack dropped out.
  • Reviewed by Scoutmaster from texas on Tuesday, February 25, 2014
    I used the mattress on a recent weekend backpacking trip with lows in the 30s and was not cold. This mattress is light (about a pound and surprisingly easy to inflate (takes about 20 breathes). The mattress was mistakenly advertised by Sierra Trading as 25 inches wide but is only 20 inches wide. This is too narrow for back sleepers as the shoulders and arms can't rest on the mattress. For side sleepers the width is adequate. The mattress has a gray side and a silver side. The gray side is slick and my sleeping bag repeatedly slid off. The silver side is tacky and holds the sleeping bag better. The mattress thickness is 2.5 inches and this is sufficient to keep a 225-pounder like me off the ground when the mattress is fully inflated. REI offers wider versions of this mattress but at considerably higher cost. Overall, it is a good mattress for the price.
  • Reviewed by Jayce1968 from Horsham, Pa on Wednesday, February 19, 2014
    I called Therm-A-Rest. The NeoAir EXP Was made for Sierra Trading Post. So you won't find specs any where. It for sure had t be a mistake on the RValue and Width! Though at first I was real excited. BUT @ the price after the STP Wonderful Discount, This is probably the BEST mattress out there...
  • Reviewed by Keith & Jen from St Louis on Friday, February 14, 2014
    We took a chance on these pads when the specs were wrong (it was listed as an R-Value of 5.7 and a width of 25") knowing that we were gambling because we couldn't find any information out there on the "NeoAir EXP" from Thermarest and also knowing that something had to be wrong (either with the item or the specs listed) because no there was no way a sleeping pad with such a high R-Value could be so cheaply priced, even on this site. We just received the pads today, and we're still trying to decide whether it was a good gamble or not, but it doesn't matter too much knowing how great the return/exchange policy is with Sierra Trading Post...if we decide it wasn't worth the gamble, we'll just send them back.

    Regarding the pad, the R-Value is clearly printed on the packaging as 2.5, and after measuring we confirmed that the width is 20" and the length is 72". We weighed it on our scale, and it came in at 20 oz, so the STP specs are correct (the bag this pad comes in claims it's only 18 oz). This pad isn't nearly as crinkly-sounding as the other NeoAir pads we tried out at our local REI. The cushion is pretty great! The pad is comfortable and plenty long/wide enough for both of us (I'm 6'3"/200lbs and my significant other is 5'11"/170lbs). Compared to the NeoAir 3.2 that you can find currently in REI and other retailer stores, this isn't going to be as warm, but it's a great value at this current price on Sierra Trading Post (especially with the additional discount you receive as a member). If you're going to be camping above freezing, for the size/weight ratio of this pad, it can't be beat!

    We're in a tough spot right now - before these became available on STP, we bought two Big Agnes Q-Core SL pads (for about $200 more than we paid for these Thermarest pads) and we're in love with them, but now getting these Thermarest NeoAir EXP pads at a significantly lower price we're not sure what to keep! We have some research to do before we decide on what to do, but either way we know we'll be in good shape.

    Sierra Trading Post is our go-to place when we need any gear for our outdoor adventures - their prices really can't be beat, their customer service has been outstanding every time we've needed them, and they really take care of their customers! Thanks, STP!!!
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