Questionable Durability of Zipper?

Reviewed by Traveler from Oregon on Saturday, April 27, 2013
I bought the suitcase for a upcoming long trip. I will say the suitcase is very light and has plenty of room, rolls around well. My concern was the plastic is very dlexible, good so it doesn't break when squished, but could be bad when the zippers are attached to it. All the load is on the zippers holding the two halfs together as I flexes, I think this is a weak point and the zippers cold break. I was envisioning being alway thrumy trip in Italy and have a zipper blow out and there I sit withot a suitcase and trying to figure out how to run straps around the case to hold the halfs together. The bottom line is I returned the product and did not keep it to find out for sure. I guess I am interested in anyone has tested the durabilty of the zipper?