The best matches made at a great price (even better with a coupon)

Reviewed by OHMatt from Ohio on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
These matches are the best made, period.

I'm sure the included case might be of use to some, but mine hit the recycling bin; I you use them for backpacking and the case is weight that serves no purpose for me. The matches are waterproof, and are easily placed somewhere in my pack that will protect them from breaking. The cardboard box will at least serve as tinder. If you have no concern about weight at all; for car camping or similar, the bright orange color of the case will make them easier to find.

There is nothing negative that can be said about UCO matches save for price, but their performance make them worth it. STPs killer deals can you two matches for the price of one.. If you aren't on STP's mailing list, do so. After a coupon, you can get 100 matches for the same price as 50 retail. (about 9 cents a match versus 18) Without the coupon they are about 13 cents a match, which is still a substantial savings vs retail..

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