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Vaude Wallaby Child Carrier

Closeouts. Thanks to the light weight of Vaude's Wallaby child carrier, you won't get totally bogged down on hikes as your little adventurer grows. Plus, a spacious zip pocket and easily adjustable suspension system make family hikes more comfortable and convenient.

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  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Kristin from North Carolina on Monday, August 31, 2015
    My husband and I could not be more pleased with this product. I had read about this brand and style in a parenting blog, reviewed by a professional climber athlete. I could hardly believe it was such a good price online (better than anything on Amazon or Ebay), and we love the bright red color. We have already tried it out on a easy-medium difficulty level, 5 mile hike. Our 9 month old daughter loved it, and fell asleep in it at the end. The shoulder straps securing her in it are great since we had to crouch down and lean over several times in order to clear low branches, fallen trees, and other items in the path. We are using the loops for the rain/sun cover as hooks for her toys since she is teething and loves to chew!!
  • Reviewed by JJ nerd from Bloomsburg, PA on Friday, May 31, 2013
    I will start this review by saying that I own (and love) a Deuter Kid Comfort III. I have put in literally hundreds of miles with my now 3-year-old son with the Deuter backpack. I purchased this Vaude backpack for my wife to use with our younger daughter (7 months old) to come along with us sometimes. The manufacturer's goal with this backpack model was clearly to make it as lightweight as possible, without too severely compromising function. With that in mind, this is not going to be the most feature packed backpack around, but it does exactly what it sets out to do - carries the child with reasonable comfort with the least weight/bulk possible. This was perfect for my wife, who didn't want to carry too bulky of a pack for long distances (hence why we didn't just buy a second Deuter). The harnessing system is a bit different, but it gets the job done. My average sized 7 month old daughter fits perfectly at pretty much the tightest/smallest settings, so any smaller child would be too small for this backpack. (In regards to the reviewer who said her child fell out - I could see how this could be possible, if everything was not properly adjusted - however, this would constitute user error and not really a design flaw, although a five point harness system would be more forgiving) I would expect this backpack to fit our daugher for two seasons. One nice feature of this backpack that I haven't seen on other packs is the small pulltab located on the bottom of the pack to retract the kickstand. Overall, while there may be better options out there in the child carrier marketplace for many people (I love love love love my Deuter Kid Comfort III, the cadillac of child carriers, which I cannot recommend enough), this product fills a particular niche - a niche that met our needs perfectly, and fills it admirably and at a great price.
  • Reviewed by Nathan from SoCal-Eastvale on Friday, May 10, 2013
    I have the Deuter Kid Comfort III and this was going to be a light weight alternative for shorter hikes or for my wife to use. The lightweight aspect is very good, but the harness is lacking in my opinion. It would really not be safe in my opinion to use this with a child less than 1 year old yet the literature accompanying the carrier says for children up to 2 years old and thirty pounds( 14kg). My older child was 29 pounds on her second bday so that makes sense but it is also a very small window of usable time. Most child devices these days utilize a 4-5 point harness system this one uses a two point that basically just goes over the shoulders. If your child is greater than 13 inches from groin to shoulder and less than 30 pounds this would be a good option, but if your child, like my younger one, is less than 13 inches then it is not a safe harness. I can see how the other lady's child fell out. They really should advertise this as for children older than one and less than 30 pounds. The up to 2 years old recommendation is misleading in the fact that at least 50% of children should not use it based on my measurements.

    Above you will find my safety concerns, here are just a few nit-picky things: The plastic grommets on the back where the shoulder straps come through feel annoying on my shoulder blades, the straps cannot be taken out of the quick tighteners because they were triple folded then stitched after the initial assembly, the top of the bottom storage compartment is not permanently closed it velcro's shut.
  • Reviewed by craigerino from Lost Angeles on Friday, March 15, 2013
    y 22lb daughter liked walking yesterday in this. not sure what the previous person with the bad review did but she was very safe and sturdy in this.
  • Reviewed by ANuyt from Anchorage, AK on Friday, October 19, 2012
    Please be aware that this product should really only be used for bigger children who are walking and not smaller children who can hold themselves up like the product says. I was hiking with my baby who is the size of a 12-month-old. She was strapped into the harness properly and the side panels were pulled tight. However her arms ended up underneath the sides. I heard a thunk. The next thing I knew my daughter was lying on the ground because she fell through the leg opening. She is fine, but as I was on the side of a mountain this incident could have been much worse. The manual suggests arms move freely. So this pack would be appropriate for walkers who have a bit more body length. DO NOT PUT SMALLER CHILDREN IN THIS !!!! A much more secure harness system is needed for this pack.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by Birdy from Waynesboro, Virginia on Sunday, October 7, 2012
    this is a great pack. comfortable, stylish, light weight. The buckle for the seat height is turned such that it is hard to adjust and we need just a bit more adjustment to get our child's arms over the edges since he is shorter. Also, I wish that it had a foot rest.
    • Best Uses: Around town, At The Market, On the trail
    • Cons: No Foot Rest, Seat height adjustment
    • Pros: Comfortable, Easy to use, Light Weight, Looking Good
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