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Genuine Wenger Swiss Army knives are tough, reliable and versatile tools carried by people from every walk of life. A truly timeless design, Wenger Swiss Army knives got their start over 100 years ago, and have always been built by meticulous, highly trained Swiss workers who take tremendous pride in the fit, finish and overall quality of every Wenger Swiss Army knife. Wenger Wenger Swiss Army knives come in a wide variety of models, and range from compact pocket models to models featuring upwards of 20 tools, for people who believe you can never have too many tools. All Wenger Swiss Army kniv ... Learn more about Wengeres must meet stringent Swiss Army standards if they are to bear the iconic white cross of the Swiss Army, and this seal is your assurance of quality. Whether your needs are simple or complex, Wenger Swiss Army knives serve faithfully in whatever tasks they are employed: cutting, opening, driving screws, pulling corks; the possibilities are endless. So carry a little confidence on your next adventure, carry a Wenger Swiss Army knife. ... Less