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Wenger tents are an ideal choice for adding comfort and enjoyment to your camping and backpacking trips. Built with the quality, durability and utility that the Swiss cross emblem always represents, Wenger tents are available in a variety of designs to fit a variety of camping styles. Wenger has tents for car campers who stay close to established campgrounds and want an easy-to-set-up tent with plenty of room. Wenger makes tents that are ready for backpacking deep within the backcountry, or climbing high in the mountains. Ultra-light Wenger tents are best for when every ounce counts and you ha ... Learn more about Wengerve to carry your house on your back. No matter how far your camping takes you from home, no matter how far your trek takes you from the trailhead, you can trust the quality and features of Wenger tents for a great night’s sleep under the stars. ... Less