• Answer I have some older voile 3 pins and they have to be clicked all the way to the bottom for the boots. I'm not sure the year of my bindings, but maybe it helps to know I have to go all 4 clicks down to firmly hold the toe.
    Answered on 1/29/2016 9:02:21 AM by Adam from UT
  • Answer They work fine on my pair of wax less skis and there about the same age as yours. The boots say Nordic Norm 75 MM on the bottom by the pin holes and my old bindings also say that. I don't know anything about the rugged back country bindings. Hope this helps.
    Answered on 1/29/2016 1:05:28 PM by Troy from Wisconsin
  • Answer Hi Bill,
    I love these boots; very comfortable. I put them into a 15 year old backcountry 3 pin binding. If your binding flares away from the 75 mm at the top the boot should fit. But, I personally would rethink this boot for a touring ski. Unless you need the ankle/ orthopedic support, I'd go with a lighter boot. Regardless, I'm impressed with the quality so far. Good luck
    Answered on 1/31/2016 4:14:17 PM by Dr. Don from Corrales, New Mexico