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About Women's Fashion Hats

Women’s fashion hats are an exquisite art form, calling attention to the face and to one’s best features. Fortunes were paid in the Edwardian era for flamboyant women’s fashion hats made from gorgeous feathers, and many Sunday hats in the early 20th century followed suit in their extraverted plumage. Today’s fashions are dictated by occasion (primarily women’s wedding hats) and by the need to stay out of the sun (women’s fedoras and other brimmed sun hat styles). Fancy women’s fashion hats are spotted at the Kentucky derby, where Eliza Doolittle and other famous derby-goers made them an extravagant centerpiece of this sporting event. Designers are known to embrace the resurgence of hats in contemporary fashion, as it gives them yet another opportunity to create artful accessories for woman’s wardrobes. Shop Betmar, Pistil and Asian Eye for a great selection of women’s fashion hats.