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Zoot Sports Ultra SpeedZoot - UPF 50+, Sleeveless (For Men)

Closeouts. Zoot Sports Ultra SpeedZoot is engineered for unbeatable water speed and decreased resistance in non-wetsuit legal races. The swimskin design has hydrophobic ULTRArevo Gloss fabric that reduces surface drag.

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  • Reviewed by John from Miami, FL on Sunday, May 3, 2015
    WTC & USAT triathlon orgs have a temperature cutoff for wetsuits , it is 78* moving down to 76* for amateurs, the Pro/Elite are at 72* to move inline with ITU that sanctions Olympic distance worldwide. Above these temperatures one is welcome to wear a swimskin made of textile only.

    Almost all brand swimskins are 71%/29% blend textile including the Zoot SpeedZoot.

    All swimskins are designed to zero buoyancy; they are not a floatation device like the wetsuit so the speedsuit does not keep the beginner triathlete afloat. They streamline your body form in water due to compression and slick to water finish, so everyone wearing them is a little faster.

    The textile mix is almost always UPF50 and more durable in chlorine than 100% lycra Speedo or TYR swim suits . Some skins have auto lock zippers w/o lanyard and extra speed coating. Some skins feature various bias cuts to textile which change compression from vertical , diagonal , or horizontal.

    The swimskin in a non-wetsuit race is worn over the bike/run attire to streamline that kit , it is not worn with/under wetsuit (same function duplication). No bike pad or pockets; those are in the TriSuits that you wear under the swimskin. Swimskin is just to wear during swim portion of race in warmer water.

    Textile suits are also great practice suits since they are more durable and have better sun coverage & UPF50+, I add a rash guard @UPF50+ to swimskin for daily 4500 meter hour swim in Miami sun.

    I've worn Swimskin up to 90* air & 85* water, but take care to remember USA Swimming 177* rule for heatstroke/hyperthermia. Air & water temperatures combined shall not be more than 177*, nor shall water exceed 85* before start of race. FINA is 87.8* and WTC is 88* water max. USAT is silent on max race water temperature, use FINA/WTC 88* and stop. The swimskin will max out with you at the race limit high temperature.

    Zoot Sports by a woman from Kona figuring out better tri race togs and they work!
  • Reviewed by Andrew the drowning man from Portland OR saline pool on Thursday, December 5, 2013
    I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a swimmer. I'm more of a borderline drowner (6' 3.5", 191 lbs longer than wide with weight mostly in cycling boosted quads) desperately reaching for the other end of the pool (happily it's saline not chlorine). So I'm not sure that I benefit from that supposed reduction in surface drag. However, I guess that "unbeatable water speed" can't be a bad thing to get me safe to the other end. But as indicated above, it fits well (upsized to the XL as suggested elsewhere) and has gotten me back into the pool again. The back zipper is pretty straightforward to operate too with the pull-cord at just the right length. My so-called supersuit has been wet nearly five times and I mean to keep at it. It's closing in on realizing the investment given the nice closeout price I got earlier here at SierraTP.
  • Reviewed by Nomos from Caribbean on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
    The quality of the build and materials is excellent, if you are on the fence about this particular suit or a Tri-suit in general I don't think you will be disappointed with this product especially at Sierra Trading Post's sale price. I bought primarily for open water, distance swimming in a very warm climate but where I needed to minimize the impact of marine life on my performance (eg. jelly fish). I waited to review until I had some miles in the water and I am happy with the performance. The wicking properties of the material are excellent and my movement is unrestricted. That said, my recommendation is to size up if you are near the top of the recommended size group. My only gripe has less to do with the product than my own physique in getting a good fit from this suit. I don't have enough experience with other manufacturers to know how their pattern cuts compare to Zoot, but generally I am tough to fit anyway. I am 5'8" 160lbs with a medium frame, but broader than average at the shoulders and longer than average in the torso. I'm not talking "earning a living in a cage with the Bearded Lady" disproportionate build, but enough that I can't buy a suit coat off the rack. In sum, the sizing guide recommended a medium but I went with a large and am glad I did. On my frame the suit fits firm on the chest and shoulders, snug throughout the torso, but is slightly longer than I would like on my thighs resulting in some material gather near the thigh cuffs in spite of the elastic designed into cuff. I like the suit and while the cut isn't perfect for my build, it works well and the quality is great.
  • Reviewed by Ryan the whiz wandler from Saskatoon,saskatchewan on Saturday, April 13, 2013
    fits great i order a size up then what the numbers say,Sierra trading post all day ,fast shipping ,thanks
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