If I could hear through my temples these would be great

Reviewed by Basset Mum from Chicago on Monday, March 27, 2017
I was so excited to find this product and was planning to use it on an upcoming trip sharing a hotel room with friends who like to leave the TV on all night and then snore like dueling banjos (they're lovely people otherwise, really). Unfortunately the manufacturer must not have consulted any human anatomy books when they designed this product - the strap in the back is practically long enough to accommodate a watermelon, and the placement of the speakers is closer to the wearer's eyes than ears. When I pulled it very tight, to the point that the velcro didn't actually connect any more, I could hear the speakers a bit, but the sound was all one channel through both sides, rather than stereo right and left (the track I tested it with was a sleep aid hypnosis/meditation recording with soothing words over background music, but despite adjusting multiple settings on my iPod, all I could hear was the music) So disappointing!
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