Versatile Hammock Stand works for both types of hammocks

Reviewed by tangara from eastern PA on Sunday, July 13, 2014
Missing parts was the only issue.

I bought this stand to use with a non spreader-bar hammocks at home, where my tree options are scarce. Finding stands that suit these is difficult because of the height above ground needed to provide the correct angle of lay. This one, while not quite perfect, is the closest I've come across. It works well enough with my longest hammock, an 11 1/2 footer. With the addition of a ridgeline, the shortest hammock (about 8 1/2 feet) lays just right. The supports are very sturdy, and the unit is very heavy. This will not blow away in a windstorm. It takes longer to get the pieces out of the bubble wrap than it did to assemble the stand, about 10 minutes total. While not impossible to move around while it's assembled, you'll probably want to find a semi-permanent location for it. It's very easy to separate into two quite manageable halves or thirds for relocations, though.

My only complaint is that the hardware was missing from the box, which appeared to have been unopened. Without that, you are dead in the water. I am awaiting delivery of the missing parts from the merchant and am making do by tying fast with ropes for now (not ideal, as they could get cut). Since this omission seems to be manufacturer related, it is the reason for the three start rating. The merchant I bought it from couldn't have been more helpful. It seems like this might not be an uncommon issue. Missing hardware that was supposed to be included means a non-functioning stand. For what it's worth, the description of the stand I bought mentioned U-bolts, but my stand has only one hole drilled, which means I-bolts are the only option. It's interesting to note that the include assembly instructions shows a U-bolt, but refers to them as both U-bolt and I-bolts on the same sheet.

So take your chances on missing hardware and you'll still get a very nice stand.
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