Super comfortable, good fit (once I've broken them in), heavy but stretchy denim

Reviewed by SJS from NYC on Saturday, April 2, 2016
I'm really into these jeans and would buy another pair if they were still available in my size (25). I don't find that they run small; they're just a tighter, stretchier style than the other Agave jeans I own (the "Verona Skinny Jeans - Curvy Cut," which I also highly recommend). That's partly because these jeans are stretchier and higher-waisted, and I don't have a particularly small waist compared with the rest of my measurements. These jeans fit like a glove, and I don't think I could comfortably tuck a loose shirt into them. But they're very comfortable, sturdy, flattering jeans, with excellent back pockets — and I virtually NEVER find jeans this high-waisted to be comfortable or flattering, and never find jeans this stretchy to be sufficiently sturdy or jeans-like. (These aren't like jeggings.) They're also long enough for me, which is rare with skinny jeans; they don't ride up above my ankle when I'm sitting. (I'm 5'7"ish with long legs, and the other Agave jeans I have are a little too short.) Another note: Although the product description says they have "super-skinny leg openings," I don't find that to be the case. I've tried on some skinny jeans that are so ridiculously tight at the ankle that they're nearly impossible to get over my heel. These aren't like that. You can easily get them on, and they have room for a thick sock without looking weird and bunchy at the ankles.
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