I like them!

Reviewed by Katia from Bangkok on Monday, April 9, 2018
I was looking specifically for a shoe that would be steady when wet (after having used a pair of shoes that becomes frighteningly slippery). These seem to fit the ticket. I'm doing my hikes in Thailand, near waterfalls and sometimes in rain or after recent rain, so wet ground/rocks are sometimes easy to find. I tend to be somewhat sure-footed, so I need a pair of shoes that won't let me down by sliding when I'm otherwise steady. This past weekend I took them up and down Khao Lom Muak in the rain, and even in parts where I felt nervous about slipping they didn't let me down. A couple times on another hike they slid slightly on damp rock after I had to wade through a stream and soaked them, but otherwise they were great.

I found the heel a bit wide (I have quite narrow heels) but one of those stick on pads in the heel makes them fit fine. They are comfortable for my feet (long and narrow) and don't rub anywhere. I can't speak to the arch support as my feet are on the flatter side and I like minimalist shoes/walking barefoot without arch support anyway.

They do seem to hold water when really wet (I think the padding in the insole), but that's the only thing I don't like about them so far (they're also not the most lightweight/streamlined shoes out there, but not so much that they're uncomfortable). I could probably stand less padding in the sole, but it does make them easy to walk in.

I've only had them a few months and only used them two or three times, so I can't speak yet to durability or how they would fare on really long hikes, but I'm fond of them so far.
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