Expensive Slip & Slide... Uncomfortable Sole

Reviewed by Hannah from Portsmouth, NH on Thursday, September 21, 2017
I encouraged my mother to purchase the Anhu Sugarpine Hiking Shoe because I saw based on Amazon reviews that they were lightweight and comfortable... ideal during our trip to Norway/Finland as our regular walking/airplaine/hiking shoe. My mother tested her pair before we left, and she said they were uncomfortable and she slipped and fell on rocks (dry and wet) 3 times and screwed up her knee and hip which affected her throughout our 10-day vacation.

My shoes unfortunately arrived later than I expected so I didn’t have a chance to wear them before the vacation. Originally, I chalked up my mother’s review of the “slippery” shoes to her dis-coordination. Fortunately, I have my dad’s athletic genes, so when I slipped on wet granite curb, I knew these shoes were an issue. I tried being brave by hiking as I would in sneakers until I slipped on both dry and wet rocks. I spent the rest of the time in Norway hiking slowly and down rocks on my hands and butt.

I am very disappointed in these shoes, and discourage Sierra Trading Post from selling these. The website even describes them as “a light hiker that's ready to take on the creek crossings and mucky trails!”. These hiking shoes should be NOwhere near creeks, muck mud, trails, rocks, or H20. They are not safe to hike in. Both my mother and I also complained about their comfort and we gave them 10-day vacation to break in. By the end of the vacation, I was wearing flip flops in cold Norwegian weather because these hikers were so uncomfortable and unsafe even on cobblestone city streets.

If I were reading this, I would think this sounds dramatic. I don’t do drama, but I do comedy: If anything, please sell these in Outdoor Living > Outdoor Games > Slip & Slides!
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