Awesome mid-duty boot right out of the box

Reviewed by Pharm Hiker from Birmingham, AL on Sunday, January 26, 2014
I've owned two pairs of boots since 1994...both of them Asolos. My first pair just plain wore out. My most recent pair, the FSN-95's which I've had for about 3 years, sometimes caused some pain in my toes on downhills while carrying heavier loads. So I checked STP to see what deals were going on and came across these Aku's. Honestly, I've never heard of them before and didn't know what to expect, but because of 1) the good reviews and 2) the fact they were made in Italy I decided to give them a try. I also ordered a pair of Asolo Synchro GTX with the intent of keeping my favorite pair out of the two and returning the other. I wore both pair around the house for at least a day, and decided to go with the Aku's primarily for three reasons. First, the position of the arch better suited my foot. Second, I liked having three open metal eyelets rather than two as found on the Synchro. The method I use to lace my boots pretty much requires I be able to cinch down over the top of my foot before lacing up the ankle area, and that just can't been done effectively with the Asolo Synchro. Third, I had some added room in the toebox that made these extremely comfortable when compared to the Synchro. After settling in on the Aku's, I took them out for a 10 mile loop hike in the Cheaha Wilderness with a section of the Pinhoti. Fairly mild terrain, but there were rocky sections that required decent footing, as well as a couple of steep (albeit short) climbs and decents. The Aku's were great the whole way...after only one minor adjustment and dialing in the lacing, I was extremely comfortable. No blisters or annoying areas at all. The Vibram soles gripped the rocks very well and the boots were extremely supportive. I must point out that I have a pair of superfeet inserts in them, but the boots were comfortable even with the OEM inserts. For the money I got these for (35% deal flyer put these at a little over $100), I couldn't be happier. They look to be well constructed, and only time will tell how they hold up.
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