Here's the deal - inconsistant build on an other wise great shoe.

Reviewed by ridge rat from pdx on Friday, December 11, 2015
I'm rating these three stars because the sizing is weird, I can't wear my beloved Ed Viesters insoles with them, and the jury is still out since I just got these... plus the following points:

After reading many of the negative reviews I can only conclude that there is inconsistent build quality(sizing) from boot to boot. Some people complain of a narrow toe box, some complain they are too wide. I fit in with the latter group.

For hiking boots I like to order a half size bigger so there is about a finger's width extra space behind my heel. This allows for swelling of the foot after a long day of hiking and helps your toenails survive steep long downhill treks (ever lost toenails after a trek? your boots are too tight). Anyway at a 10.5 Medium width this were HUGE on me. I liked the build quality and the fit right out of the box felt great except for being to big and loose. I tried them out for a few mile hike and around town and decided to exchange them for a size 10 Medium and these are big too! Much better fit than the 10.5 but they are still a bit wide with thick socks on, there is tons of room in the toe box area AND they are still a bit long too with more than a finger's width behind the heel with my foot pushed all the way forward. I'd exchange for a 9.5 but STP doesn't have that size. I'm inclined to keep them and see if they settle into my feet after a while

Other notes:
-Its December and walking around in the damp 40's today with medium socks on, my feet felt unusually cold in these boots. Which leads me to believe they might be pretty cool as a hot summer hiking boot.
-except for the off sizing, the build of these seems solid
-I have weak arches after screwing them up on the west rim of the grand canyon in Doc Martens 18 years ago and now I am forced to put Ed Viesters or green Superfeet insoles in ALL my shoes for comfort and support. Despite the wafer thin and useless removable insole that comes standard in these boots, the actual footbed itself has so much arch support that they are comfortable and supportive without adding my expensive ($45) inserts. In fact adding my inserts to these boots (after taking out the thin included insole) just messes up the fit by adding too much arch support on top of already sufficient arch support. So I'm thinking I can find a flat insole out there that will take up some room/volume to make a tighter fit without changing the already great platform of support.
-These feel incredibly light for 2lb11oz pair of boots, but I have been wearing my 4lb industrial KEEN work boots a lot lately so it might just be a relative thing.
-The vibram soles on these seem tough, but they are oddly slippery on wet pavement and rocks. hopefully that improves with wear

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