• I've spent a couple of days hiking in the rain where the trail turned into a creek and my feet stayed dry. I've walked in deep wet grass and my feet stayed dry. They're great boots. And they broke in quickly. I have yet to apply boot dressing.
    Answered on 9/15/2014 5:21:40 AM by rocket from western MA
  • Pretty well, actually, and I only used a Nikwax solution to waterproof once in the springtime. While not offering stellar for multi-day slogs with added weight (a full backpack ;), it stays plenty comfortable (and dry) for a solid day (10-25 miles) of hiking over rocky terrain in the wet conditions of a New England fall. Hope this helps
    Answered on 9/15/2014 7:45:05 AM by Thomasyork from Vermont
  • The leather for the Alico Backcountry is the same for the Alico Tahoes and Alico Summits. I have not really subjected the Backcountry boot yet to hikes yet as I typically use the Summits for most of my hiking. For the most part, for the Summits & Tahoes... I usually treat them with Obenaufs on a regular basis and have had no problems with wet socks for the most part. There is one pair (of Summits) that I did used for Alaska and took some extra precautions with some Sno-Seal to be on the safe side... and had not wet feet on that trip. The Backcountry has a glues sole which should give a better job of keeping water out as compared to the stitched Norwegian sole of the Summits and Tahoes.
    Answered on 9/15/2014 9:53:55 PM by 50th State Scoutmaster from Waipahu, Hawaii