Getting tired of STP seconds that are not listed as such

Reviewed by servalgirl from Idaho on Sunday, July 12, 2015
The boots I received do not have the Alico stamp on the side. The inserts say Alico-the boots could be anything. Are they even made in Italy? Nowhere on the boot does it say anything and the box just says Italy-not made in.The rubber toe rand-dinky as it is in the photo-is even less so on the boot. As a result (coupled with a less than burly leather) mine are gouged like a beaver mistook them for a log-after 5 day hikes in Yosemite with just one day of mild scrambling. Even a bit of the rubber chunked off. I can cover it in butvar but that is not something I should be dealing with this soon! The leather of the tongue and the area around the ankle on the inside is cracking. I do not see these as staying together for a year considering I have only used them day hiking maybe 8 times. Did I get a dud? Possible. I returned a pair because you could feel something hard under the right outer ball and under the left heel-like something was not put together right. These actually fit my feet like no boot does, and for the price of just over $100 I would be happy with 2 years of use.....but will I get that? They get a 5 for fit and a 3 for perceived durability. They lose a star for hints of these being seconds.
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