Great Boots

Reviewed by Yackadilly from Connecticut on Tuesday, March 5, 2013
My 20 year old 75mm touring boots finally died, and I needed to get a new pair. It is virtually impossible to get good quality 75mm touring boots any more. Luckily I found these Backcountry boots. They are definitely more sturdy than regular touring boots, but they are not much heavier. Because these are Backcountry boots, they did not fit my Touring boots 3 pin binding. My bindings were Touring Only, and could not handle the extra thickness in these boots soles. I needed to upgrade my bindings to Backcountry capable 3 pin bindings. These are not that expensive, and it is easy to remove the old bindings and install new ones. The boots themselves are clearly well made, but the sizing is off. I had read in other reviews that they are 1/2 size too big, so I ordered mine 1/2 size smaller than my normal sneakers. Wearing a pair of wool socks over my normal socks (which I always do for skiing) the fit was perfect. Since the boots are leather, they are very stiff when new. I found that in my trial ski around my backyard, they pinched my toes. This was clearly due to the initial stiffness. I decided to break them in like a good pair of hiking boots, so I wore them around the house one afternoon. ( I was a bit clunky, and my wife looked at me strangely, but I did it anyway.) The next time I went out skiing at the park, the boots were fine. The moral is, these boots need to be broken in before use! In summary, these are great boots. I feel that the extra strength is the Backcountry boot improved by skiiing.
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