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Reviewed by Old geologist from Kansas - flat lander on Monday, February 19, 2018
I am an old school sort of guy when it comes to outdoor gear and apparel, though I’ve come to appreciate the materials, design and construction of modern outdoor enthusiasts gear and apparel (tents, rain jackets and backpacks for example). However, I firmly believe that old-world construction and materials of hiking/backpacking footwear still offers the best comfort, durability and serviceability options (i.e. full leather uppers, welted lugged soles) when compared to the glorified tennis shoes that go for hiking/backpacking boots now-a-days. Having admitted up front my bias please keep reading . . .

I’ve purchased several pairs of Alico boots from STP and found all of them to be true to size, extremely comfortable after a reasonable break in period and durable, except for the synthetic liners. More on that later.

The full leather uppers are extremely resistant to rock abrasions and lacerations. Especially in highly crystalline, metamorphic and angular rocky terrains. I’ve worn tennis-shoe like boots in similar areas and they were nearly shredded (mosltly along the many seams joining the fabric/leather panels together) after only 4 weeks or so of use. If you do not want to replace your boots every year or so, I’d suggest more rugged materials (leather) and construction techniques (the fewer the seams the better).

My only observation is that I recommend Alico construct all of their boots with full-leather linings. The boots I’ve owned with synthetic/fabric liners have worn out “prematurely” causing comfort issues and requiring that I take a boot out of service.

The argument against non-GTX linings is that they are not “waterproof”. I’ve never had wet feet issues with any leather lined boot, but then again the boots were properly maintained and suitably “snow-sealed”. Also, I’ve purchased third-party foot beds since the OEM foot beds are not to my liking. They may work for you, but I find after market foot beds a better option for me and STP sells these as well; one-stop shopping. WooHoo.

Finally, STP sales and service are exemplary. I can’t recommend them strongly enough.
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