Fine boots + good women's fit

Reviewed by Janet the Dinosaur from Washington State on Wednesday, March 13, 2013
A great find! I wanted sturdy LEATHER boots, as opposed to sweaty synthetic ones. And I wanted boots designed for 3-PIN BINDINGS, as opposed to the modern xc-ski bindings. I wanted to avoid boots that have silly built-in zipped gaiters (when the zipper breaks you have worthless flaps of material on your boots). And, I wanted boots designed to fit a WOMAN's narrow foot.

The Alico Glide Backcountry Touring - 75 mm Boots for women are well made boots and fit my narrow feet. My only concern is that I am not sure if the "polyurethane-coated upper" will prove to be sweaty. It would also have been nice if the soles had been stitched instead of molded, so that they could be re-soled in the future. There are two companies that make stitched leather boots, but not in women's sizes. Look for the Crispi Antarctic or the Scarpa Tour if you want stitched boots and can wear men's sizes. (The Scarpa boots are leather lined, too. Wow.) The stitched boots cost much more than Alico's molded ones, and are heavier. Note: sturdy leather boots take a bit more breaking in than the synthetic stuff.

These Alico boots replace my beloved Asolo Snowfields that finally failed across the 3-pin area after many years of hard use and one successful re-soling.
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