tough and reliable

Reviewed by cbrandt from Alaska on Monday, August 15, 2016
Alaska resident, 29 years working in the Alaska Range mountains. I try to get in a hike most evenings after work, aided by our very long summer days, covering 5 to 10 miles of trail-less terrain, with longer hikes on weekends. Rocky glacial river bottoms, steep talus and scree slopes, soft and hard tundra, generally on every hike, 'cause that's what there is around here. I like the support and protection that these boots offer, which i don't feel i get from other types. I have lighter-weight Lowa's and Vasque's, and i do like them, but for support and reliability, i always turn to the New Guide. Just bought a new pair, and looked up the last purchase - 2006. 10 years and hundreds of miles. I am impressed with this boot.

A word on break-in: the thick leather provides good protection and longevity, but they will take longer to break in. This time around, the left boot broke-in quickly, but the right side took about 4 hikes to soften up. Boot oil helps, as will a day of stream crossings and wet soggy terrain. As noted by others, a thick leather boot will crack if allowed to dry out – oil them if they start looking thirsty or if they’ve been idle for a few months.
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