Initial Impressions

Reviewed by J.Reb from Maryland on Monday, February 1, 2010
I bought the Alico Tahoe, Summit, and Guide all at one time, about 3 weeks ago, so I can give you direct first impressions. All three appear to be of the highest quality. The Tahoe and Summit are of different leather from the Guide. Sizing appears to be dead on. I wear 9.5 W and the fit was immediate. I outfitted each with new Superfeet Green E insoles. The insoles that come with the boots are I think only place-holders for "real" insoles. This changeover was without hitch. The Tahoe you can wear with impunity right out of the box. I noticed no breaking-in needed, not really. The Summit took me about 3 days of wearing around the house to feel confident enough in to go outside, and now it is about where the Tahoe is, i.e. no pains and fully comfortable. The Guide is a whole different animal. After several weeks I seem to be down to only one pain, which seems to be going away. I can wear it outside but am leery about going too far. I think the Tahoe will be an ideal summer fishing and general use boot. The Summit it seems will do that plus be better in winter. I'm not sure what the hell I will do with the Guides. Additional - I see no way to turn an ankle in these boots. I found tightening or loosening laces to be very effective in dealing with new-boot pinches and rubbing, which seemed to disappear quickly. Several nights I slept on the couch wearing the boots, my impression is that this expedited the boots getting used to my feet. You don't want to skip replacing the insoles, it makes all the difference. The Guides don't have much bend to the soles, it is like walking on wood planks, but I understand this is intentional and desirable in this class of boots. So far thumbs-up for all three boots.
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