• After reading several reviews about "break-in time", When my New Alico Guides arrived, I decided to do what I have done for years. After taking them out of the box and admiring them, I applied a nice heavy coat of Obenaufs LP. If you're not familiar with Obenaufs, give it a try. You won't be disappointed. Its all natural and......not only does it provide an extra water barrier, it protects and restores your leather by replenishing the natural oils and nutrients. It will also help with softening the leather, making "break-in" a lot easier and faster. After the first coat of Obenaufs was applied, I let my New Guides set over night, fighting the urge to put them on and wear them the next day. After twenty four hours, I applied a second coat of Obenaufs and again, let my Alicos set over night, giving them time to soak up the Obenaufs.
    I've been wearing my Alico New guides for two weeks now. They get more comfortable every day. In my opinion, there was little to no "Break-In" time. these boots are OUTSTANDING!
    Answered on 3/24/2016 12:35:10 PM by The Gunny from Pa