• I believe it is due to the STP boot being an older run of the same boot; only deference I see is the no longer red strings which I changed out to brown anyway, the Alico pic shows non-ball bearing laces (poorer design to save cost), Alico moved the bend of the ankle speed lace up (bad move in my opinion). IMO, the boot sold by STP is a better design, most likely Alico made changes to save cost. I love the boot so much I have (3) pair; 2 put up in reserve in case the boot ever becomes no longer made; I wear in every day 12 plus hours a day for doing everything.
    Answered on 7/31/2016 2:20:02 PM by Badee from Illinois
  • The STP Guides is non-ball bearing laces also on the picture.
    Another difference is the double foam on the top of STP ones, which in my opionion is a weak spot.
    Answered on 8/2/2016 5:28:13 AM by Torleif from Norway
  • Well the boots and they
    1. Have ball bearing lace guides
    2. Bend of the ankle lace and flex point
    3. Double Foam on top
    4. Red Laces
    5. weigh 2lbs 12Oz each for 12ee
    Answered on 9/16/2016 9:22:52 AM by Rat Salad from Chicago