Get Them While You Can

Reviewed by Frank from Lawrence Kansas on Saturday, May 25, 2013
I don't know why boots of this quality are available at the prices one can find at STP, but I highly doubt that you will be able to find anything like this at less than twice the price later on. Perhaps it has something to do with the Italian economy. These are really high quality boots. I wear a solid 12, 12 1/2 would be actually ideal for me, as most others feel, I think a little bigger is a good idea on hiking boots. I ended up buying these in both 12 and 13. I also bought 2 pair of both size 12 and 13 in the Summits, I figure I will wear the Summits more. In effect, I am buying boots to last me to the grave. As time goes on anything but junk is nearly unaffordable, modern technological society has given us some great things, such as the microwave oven and scoopable cat litter, but for the most part we get more junk quan[...] rather than quality as time goes on. There are advantages to wearing size 12 for me, and also size 13. Being an old coot my feet are not what they used to me, a bit tender, so a bit more roomy is nice. I put Superfeet in the size 13, that works well. I don't feel that my heel raises up any more with the 13 than the 12, that is the big thing. The boots have a great design, mostly I get more toe space with the 13. That is nice when doing down hill hiking, or wearing the boots over an extended period. Also teet tend to get bigger with age, mine have some, I used to be 11 1/2. To I figure I will mostly wear the 12's now, and the 13's in the future as I age. Well enough about size, but I know a lot of people wonder about that; you hear things all over the ball park if you research online and don't know what to think. Bottom line is that the design is great and sturdy, so you can wear a bigger size if in doubt; as you break them in you will be able to get them snug enough with a proper insole to replace the one that comes with the boot. Other than Superfeet, these are hard to find, I think gel absolutely sucks well water and nearly everybody is moving that direction, perhaps to accommodate the fact that the average American weighs about 20-30 lbs. more than they used to. The SOF Hiker that STP sold was decent, but that has been discontinued and replaced with gaudy gel insoles. I think that I bought the last pair of size 13 SOF Hiker's on the planet a few weeks ago. Regarding the sturdy side of these boots, yes they give you a lot of support., the Summits and especially the Guides. But they do break in. I used to wear boots that had more cushion and thought that was preferable, but like a lot of things once you get used to solid support you grow fond of it, then prefer it. If you are active it is really easy to hurt yourself; wearing boots with support like these Alico boots can save you from injury. I now wear them mostly all the time, and look at people who wear soft soled shoes all the time as well, "they don't know any better". I still wear Teva sandals and such, particularly when I am going to be in the water, but not as much as I used to. I prefer these high support old school boots. You do get used to them, even the Guides get comfortable. Regarding those who claim that old school boots are obsolete, well I disagree strongly. And besides, nothing looks cooler than these, synthetic materials look wimpy to me, ugly and not impressive. These are real he man/ he woman boots, I just love them and feel good wearing them.
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