Sturdy Crampon-Snuggle Boot

Reviewed by Johnny from West-Eastern on Friday, October 17, 2014
I remember being high on the direct variation of Dingus-Hol Shaft Spire, in the West Eastern Vast Difference Range. These hiking boots were front pointing my way to the next belay, a butterblade hammered in partway through a diagonal fracture smear. My toes stayed warm as I clipped a bomber carabinkle in and put my partner on the saftey line. I shouted down that the Alico New Guide Mountaineering Hiking Boots For Men would help us on our journey to the summit shaft spire. Our safety belts tight, we continued with the ascent until an indirectional-hook popped off and the whole team skiddered dowen sideways over an arete. The Alico New Guide Mountaineering Hiking Boots For Men gave us the friction cordalette we needed for the technical slab overhanging pressure moves between belays in order to get back on the main Dingus-Hol. I unclipped my clampons near the tip, and called down to my partner for more redundancy rings before we rapeled to the base and snuggled till the morning came.
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