Real Boots

Reviewed by Pensioner from Lehighton, Pa. on Tuesday, January 8, 2013
50 yrs. ago I backpacked in cheap,plastic-soled, 'mechanics' shoes and dreamed of having boots such as these. Got'em 5 yrs. ago or so. They've spent most of the time in the closet because I began to fear they were tougher and heavier than these old feet and legs could handle. Not to mention the laughter of my grown sons at my Frankenstein walk. No more. 4-5 miles a day this fall/winter has finally broken them in. Heavy sock w liner, moleskin, and lace-tightening variations did the deed. I always loved just holding and admiring the materials and craftsmanship of these boots. Now I love putting them on and walking. They're still heavy, but feel great, and offer good support and toughness on rocky trails. And they're probably the only boots in the closet that are going to easily outlast me.
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