burly leather boots of the gods!

Reviewed by Johnny Freeheeler from Massachusetts on Sunday, June 9, 2013
When I opened the box and saw these beauties in the plastic bags, my first thought was "magnificent!". A wonderful piece of real boot-making craftsmanship, delivered to us by Alico and STP at the same price as boots spat out of a machine in some Asian sweatshop. And in wide sizes no less!!! Thank you!

These are for people who want a heavy-duty mountaineering boots without resorting to rigid plastic mountaineering boots. Don't mind the negative comments in some reviews, this is just misunderstanding. Of course the boots are heavy and stiff, they're made for spending hours climbing boulder stairways with a 70-pound pack. Yes, the boots are high volume, they're designed to be worn with the heaviest-weight trekking socks for insulation and padding, while you're cramponing up an icy couloir.

These aren't for day hikes to the local overlook. The soles are heavy and stiff, the ankles are very supportive with internal reinforcement. Time to man up! You know if this boot's for you.

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