• Greetings! All Alico boots use the Norwegian Welt design in their sole construction. This means the Vibram lug sole is sewn to the boot, as opposed to being glued. This allows the soles to be replaced easily when worn out. On the webpage, use the zoom function to get a good look at how the sole is stitched to the boot. They're the only kind I have used in 30+ years of professional work and hiking. In general, humidity there isn't extreme and shouldn't be a problem unless you wear them every day in the most un-hospitable areas of the islands. Like any other footwear, they will not last long if consistently wet. Aside from the effects that kind of harsh environment would have on the leather uppers of any boot worn daily and not allowed to dry, the only effect on the soles would be if the stitching rots; something that can be repaired by any competent cobbler/shoe repair shop. You may also want to consider boots with molded soles, which is not the same as glued.
    Answered on 12/8/2012 12:00:00 AM by Dusty from Essex, MD