Nice boots for my feet

Reviewed by Matthew from Australia on Friday, August 21, 2015
I have owned a number of pairs of this style of boot, branded as other brands (Asolo and Kathmandu). However, I suspect they all came out of the same factory or from the same makers. For the most part they are the only foot-ware I ware. My past boots have succumbed to various ailments. The shanks often rust out. A foot wound caused the leather lining to rot out of one pair and I managed to break the soles on another pair. But I cannot blame the boots. I get at least three years out of a pair and I give them hell.
My new pair of Alico Summit boots are an excellent fit and required zero breaking in. They seem pretty good, but I think the fancy tongue design will be their weak point. The design on the New Guide boots looks more like the other pairs I have had and is a part that has never failed. I'll always wear this kind of boot. I just hope someone keeps making them or I will have to start looking after and repairing my old ones.
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