• This is from a review that I saw posted concerning these Alico Hiking Boots.|. NEVER USE SNOW SEAL OR A LIKE PRODUCT ON LEATHER BOOTS! Leather by it's nature is water resistant. If you Sno-Seal boots, they will be water proof, but will get soaked from your sweat from the inside out, and will not be able to dry because the leather is clogged with wax... your boots will mold and rot from the inside out. All that is needed to keep an oil-tanned boot in great condition is regular shoe polish... like Kiwi. It will restore the color and water resistant nature of leather. Once a year or after heavy use, take the boots outside and fill them with water with the garden hose. This will wash the perspiration salts out of the leather. Let them dry for 3-4 days with an insert or newspaper and use shoe polish and brush. Do not dry near heat, especially wall heater or camp fire. The glue that holds the sole on will loosen and the sole will separate.
    Answered on 1/24/2010 12:00:00 AM by Teddy from Crawfordsville, IN