• If your comfortable in a five normally get a five! Long break intime but super high quality boot ! Want to get another pai just in case!!!
    Answered on 11/16/2014 12:21:22 PM by joseph streamline from colorado
  • I would go with size 5.5
    Hope that this helps. By the way the boots are great!
    Answered on 11/16/2014 2:58:00 PM by Avid traveler from Indiana
  • These boots are true to size ,get 51/2 and wear a hiking sock and change the insoles to super feet green and you will be happy
    Answered on 11/16/2014 4:05:06 PM by Adkhunter from Bloomingdale,ny
  • 5.5 if you plan on hiking mostly and wearing heavy thick socks. But for everyday use in warmer climates, perhaps the 5 would be more accurate. Mine were a little large, but mostly use with thick socks. Not sure about how easily a wrong size would be to return since mine worked out so well. But worth a shot either way. Hope that was helpful for ya "tiny feets". Enjoy!
    Answered on 11/16/2014 8:04:16 PM by Hike here, Hike there from Minnesota
  • Bought these for my husband and he felt they were true to size.
    Answered on 11/17/2014 5:45:10 AM by Is nc from NC
  • For boots that can be resoled, I suggest either Danner or Irish setters. However I cannot vouh if they have sizes that small. Good Luck!
    Answered on 11/17/2014 6:26:38 AM by small farmer from Kentucky