Amazing Footwear!

Reviewed by Dog Mom from New York on Thursday, March 7, 2013
I ordered these in a smaller mens size 7.5 (i am female, behemoth foot.. very wide; this review is a bit bias based on my foot type)
I have a hard time finding "womens" boots that are wide, and mens boots under a size 8.
For me these boots with blue super feet insoles fit like a dream!!!
I tried on the Alico Summits and Alico Tahoe. Very well made, the leather is beautiful, pivoting METAL eyelets are great; just a very well made pair of boots. Simple, and awesome. Everything i expected in terms of craftsmanship.
I work outdoors, I got thru at least one pair of boots a season. (redwing, timberlands, oboz, keen, vaudes)
Like most light hiker boots (not made for working) the soles are "smushy" and too much stitching comes undone after continual flexing and wear, or the eyelets rip, laces rip, just not made to be "working" in.. (even redwing "work" boots)
With both pair of Alico the fit is true to size with minimal heal slippage (replace in insole can help..?)
They are heavy. Very heavy. Based on that I chose the Tahoes.
These are very stiff boots (think hockey boot), it had taken me about 3 weeks; a couple hours a day to get the toe flex and ankle creases comfortable.
Still stiff and supportive, but very comfy now.
The Tahoe boots have a synthetic lining as appose to the Summits that have leather lining.
Both were very comfortable. Biggest difference between the two is the part ankle or whole ankle height. weight. then the lining...
The leather nubuck is treated, so water beads off them at first. After wearing, scuffing, flexing, the water stops beading off, cleaning and applying a water proof is necessary. I would call my boots water proof.
I chose the tahoes over the summits based on how heavy these boots are, and the lining. I prefer a short boot because i'll be wearing these mainly in hot weather. I figure the synthetic lining is slightly cooler than leather lining.
I dont use these for long distances, a lighter hiking boot is better. But even when i have these on 8-10 hours they are very comfortable, and seems like i will get more than 2 years from these boots.
Very happy with this purchase.
If your considering what style to get, just really think about what your doing while wearing these.
I couldn't imagine how heavy these boots are in bigger sizes.

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