Great boots

Reviewed by igopogo39 from SF Bay Area on Friday, September 20, 2013
I have just been wearing these boots around the house in the event that I change my mind and want to return them. That being said, I really like them. A bit of background: 7 years ago I bought a pair of Alico Summits, which are maybe a half pound heavier than the Tahoes. I wore them for a while, but then a year or two later bought a lightweight hiking boot that I've used mainly since then. This year, I started wearing my Alico Summits again, and won't go back to the lightweight, meshy things. The main differerence is the support. I feel so much more centered and stable and grounded with the Alicos, especially with a heavy overnight backpack. So... having fallen back in love with the Alico Summits, I still had to recognize that they were pretty darn heavy. I thought that I would buy the Tahoes just to have something a little lighter (and also to have a second pair of Alico's, in case they stopped importing them!). You are definitely going to be the odd man out with these boots. When I go on overnight backpacking trips in the SF Bay Area with other dads and their kids, many of those guys just wear running shoes or trail runners and there I am with my Alicos. "Dude, aren't you overdoing it a little?" Who cares?, I say. You will definitely need to spend some time breaking these boots in, but once you do, you will love them.
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