Durable hiking boots

Reviewed by Newfman from WI on Saturday, April 16, 2016
Overall I would give them 4.5 stars. I bought these boots in Dec of 2009 after being tired of other hiking boots wearing out in a couple of years and then having to throw them out. They are very well made and do an excellent job of protecting your feet and have good ankle support. Right now the middle lugs on the front of the sole are almost worn down but I still have good grip from the outer lugs. I anticipate I will get them resoled next year. I think they are true to size since I wear a 10 D dress shoe and I bought 10 1/2 M in the boots and they fit fine with a midweight hiking sock. They do take time to break in so don't expect to buy them and go on a long hike a couple of weeks later. I wear them almost daily Nov to April to go for walks or snowshoeing and then whenever I hike during the other months. They are not waterproof but do keep out water well with treating the leather 2-3 times a year. The only time I have had them soak through is on a spring backpacking trip when I was walking through slush and puddles for 2 days. I see many boot now have Gore Tex liners to keep them waterproof but I have found that the "breathability" is all marketing hype. I have had Gore Tex and Precip raincoats and have worn them over just a base layer in the rain when it is just above freezing with a hat so the hood could be down and zipper at least halfway down and within 15-20 min I am half soaked with sweat just walking much less hiking or something more vigorous. The provided insoles are not good so you will need to replace those. I have found Sof Sole Airr insoles work well for me. The only issue I have had is the cloth liner has wore away in the heel area, although that hasn't effected the function of the boots. I just bought a pair of Alico Summit boots and they are very well made given the lining on the Summit's is leather and likely to be more durable if you can afford the extra cost you might want to consider those. There is a 1 lb difference in listed weight between the Tahoe and the Summit but I can't feel much difference. It also looks like with the 3rd lacing hook on the Summit's you will be better able to lock you foot in to keep it from sliding forward when going downhill although I haven't been able to test that yet.
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