About these boots part Deux

Reviewed by Shawn from Alaska from Alaska on Sunday, February 8, 2015
So after ordering not one not tow but three boots of other manufactures and none of them working out I decied to go back to STP and low and behold tbhis time they had my size!!! First let me say after examing up close, Asolo, Crispi and Andrew Mountain none have batter quality workamanship AM is the only one even close.
So I put them on and wore them around the house a little and they fit like a glove or at least how a cold weather boot should, snug but with wiggle room for the tows. Then I went for a ski, they are stiff but I am sure they will loosen up a little after some use. But they offer enough support to ski with confidence, I wont lie I am new to Tele, but as I practiced my technique these boots really helped. The Alico web site lacking as it is states that the strap is to help pull your heal back into the pocket of the boot. It did do that a little but on other feet I am sure it will do better, every foot is deferent. My heal rasied a little but I am not to worried as I often tape up if I am traveling a long distance duct tape works best. The stitches are not a prominent in this pair as in the othjer pair I had.
I want to say the tracking was not working so I called STP and spoke to management, EXCELLENT customer service from the manager, he called and emailed me back to check and mack sure I got my boots and offered to refund me if they did not arrive soon.
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