• The two boots are comparable in terms of ankle support, stability, and traction. The Summits are a bit "richer" in that they are leather lined as opposed to the Ultra's cloth lining. I think the Ultra's are a bit more comfortable walking on the flat because they have a built-in roll to the forward gait. The Ultra's also have a full rand whereas the Summits have no rand. I hiked the North Carolina mountains photographing the waterfalls in the Summits and am really pleased with their performance. I haven't tested the Ultras much yet. I bought them to hike the Rockies in Colorado in September. I expect I will be pleased. Why did I switch from Summits to Ultras? I now have to wear orthotics and had to go up a full size in the boots I wear to accommodate the orthotics. Sierra Trading post did not have the size I needed in the Summits, but they did in the Ultras.
    Answered on 8/27/2016 6:46:49 AM by Jack from Michigan from Michigan
  • I have not used them since I purchased them. They fit fine when I tried them, however I won't be using them in Pittsburgh until winter. No mountains here. When I do visit my daughter who lives in Boulder my hiking shoe is usually a pair of Keens mesh walking shoes to do 14ers. Sorry not to be able to answer your question but, I doubt my walking/hiking in Pittsburgh will ever test these boots to their max. Purchased mostly for cold and snow protection.
    Answered on 8/27/2016 7:47:53 AM by Saint Richard from Pittsburgh