Really big cot

Reviewed by Fandango from California on Sunday, June 22, 2014
This is a great big cot, fully the size of an extra-long twin bed. It's a comfortable height and size for the big and tall. I didn't have trouble putting it together, but I had to brace myself against the legs to do it. It's been slept on a lot, but it hasn't loosened up enough that I don't need to brace myself. I do have arthritic hands and wrists. It should be easier for almost everyone else. It's as comfortable as you'd expect for a cot. You end up with a hammock experience. I tweaked it with a bed board and 2” foam pad, but it's still a cot.. I can't blame it for that. Its problem is its size, and I can't blame it for that, either, but I suggest that you get out your tape measure. If it's for a tent, be sure to include the height as a factor, in addition to surface area. If it's for a guest bed, remember that the surface area means you can only fit it in a room that will accommodate an extra-long twin bed in addition to whatever furniture is already in there. It's 40 by 86 x 22 inches. If I had measured it first, I would have gone for a smaller size. But that's not the fault of the cot. In my opinion, it's worth five stars.
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